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That’s it, hey guys, let the whole world know this modern mother’s heart. Before we get to the heart of the mother, can we take a second and get first, to the heart this prophet, or the basis of his fantastic “revelation”. Per chance it’s totally baseless? Is it then much ado about nothing?

One more minor question: Was this know-all physically present there, when the “counting” of fourteen lakhs took place before the surgery  (by his account one surmises, that he was a witness to the counting)? Or is he in the habit of receiving revelations (“prophetic”)  along the line of his deep seated illusions? How I long to believe this, my friend with “conscience”!
Then, as claimed by Tintumonster, why did the hospital (which has never claimed itself to be a charitable hospital) wait to count the money before the surgery? It’s true they were waiting, but not for money. But how could it be otherwise, when medico-legal aspects had yet to be first approved by the government? The complex surgery was commenced, the moment the fax of approval was received from the govt – to the great relief of the girl’s family.

We need to go through little bit of arithmetic, my dear friend. Especially the ratio,  1 : 1,428. That’s what 14 lakhs boils down to, in front of Rs 200 crores (spent just on Tsunami houses). And another ratio, my dears, is 1:357 which translates to 14 lakhs : 50 crores.(fifty crores was the amount the Math allocated for rendering quick solace to thousands people rendered homeless one day in Sep 2009, in  the flash floods by river Krishna along Andhra Karnataka border.) A world record of sorts were set, building the first 100 houses in less than 30 days, braving hostile circumstances, by the committed renunciants of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Just a visit to this link is all that is needed:

These are verifiable numbers culled from the public sources. Even the richest countries in the world were not excluded from her boundless love and compassion. When disaster struck, this “modern” mother (yes, mother, she never ever lay claims to divinity)donated a million dollar each to US and Japan. Mata Amritanandamayi Math that spends hundreds of crores to give succor to patients who have otherwise no place to turn to,  can rightly be proud to establish and run a hospital solely and primarily established to come to the rescue of the have nots, purely in line with its stated mission.

The very raison d’etre for the existence of the ashram is love and service to humanity. Though it is one of the biggest not-for-profit, super specialty hospital of the land, it boasts of a cost that is comparatively lower. Annually, this multilocation institution  revels in spending crores of rupees for the medical care of the destitute. Some useful link:

When IAM (meditation) Technique was taught to India’s national security establishments, Amma never accepted any remuneration for these courses even when Govt of India came forward to offer crores of rupees.  Amma says,

“Spiritual knowledge is the birthright of humankind and that to charge for meditation classes is like charging a baby for breast milk. That is why Amma's meditation technique is always taught for free".

That is Amma, the world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader - her life exemplifying compassion and service in every action. And to think that our “messenger”, providing neither facts, nor proof, is bent upon peddling or “sharing” his fanatic  views (smacks of terrorist inclinations, doesn’t he, in this land of universal acceptance) against such a one like Amma, who is bestowing for free, the gift of meditation to the entire world! Who has only love and acceptance for all religions and races. To know more click,

To even think that Amma who is pouring crores and crores per annum to wipe off the tears of those who have nobody else in the world, can be inhuman for fourteen lakhs – really, it needs a stroke of genius, if not a revelation!  

Goes to prove, a long suppressed fanaticism or the urge to defame a person, can drive one to any lengths of extremism. Intolerance indeed my dears, is the platform on which terrorism is built.  

Truth must be known. Hear this ye all, who have ears to hear. Read this ye all, who have the eyes to see. Come let us, who are endowed with unbiased mind and who stand for the spirit of free speech, share the truth. Share this truth we must, above all. Among all people –Malayalis  or non-alayalis, with or without conscience - who seek the truth and only the truth. Irrespective of differences or revelations! Let wishful people keep wishing.

Come, let’s now take a tour, of
1. Amma’s world of charitable activities,,
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successful-liver-transplants/, and,  
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*ഹൃദയപൂര്‍വത്തിലേക്ക്  ഒരു സുഹൃത്ത് അയച്ചു തന്ന ലേഘനം,

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